Fairytale Colours – Goldilocks
Tango Books (2014)
Learn your colours while reading this well-known fairytale!
Goldilocks has yellow hair, the bears are brown their cottage is purple, and so on. The pop-ups add to the fun.

Detective Paws and the Case of the Golden Cat
Tango Books (2009)
A certain golden cat has been stolen from Mogworth Towers and Dick Paws is on the case. Help him find the clues, sift through the evidence and nail the suspects in this interactive, pop-up mystery.


Motor Mouse
Tango Books (2009)
Get Motor Mouse through a series of incredible mazes to reach his surprise destination. All that’s required is a little patience and plenty of brainpower.


It’s Magic
Tango Books (2007)
Carlos Chameleon Welcomes you to his world famous magic show! Marvel at his amazing pop-up tricks! Then put on your own magic show for family and friends.
Featuring The Incredible Creeping Plant, The Vanishing Piglet, The Fantastic Five-card Trick, The Little and Large Illusion, The Amazing Changing Room, The Disappearing Colours, The Magic Wheel and The Mysterious Empty chest.


The Big Match
Tango Books (2006)
Claws United are playing against Rover City at 3 o’clock SHARP!
As you count down to kick-off, join the fans and buy match souvenirs, meet the teams, polish your skills, mingle with the managers and play the beautiful game! With exciting pop-ups throughout, ‘The Big Match’ also includes a super static-electricity football game!


The Great Bowdini’s Optical Illusions
Tango Books (2005)
Roll up, roll up! Come and see the Great Bowdini’s sideshow of magical creatures, featuring the Spirally Serpent, Invisible Giant Bug, the Bloobs form Outer Space and many more. Each one incorporates a fantastic optical illusion and, if that wasn’t enough, a booklet at the back explains how they all work.


Watch Out in the Jungle
Tango Books (2005)
Six monkeys are playing in the jungle until Leopard is disturbed – and then there are five! Every other spread contains a hidden animal revealed through a shaped hole when the page is turned. The last remaining monkey is once again reunited with his friends as he gets his sweet revenge.


Professor Mole’s Machines
Published by Tango Books (2004)
How does a lift work? What makes a washing machine wash? How does a plane fly or a rocket blast off? Forget everything you’ve been told so far because now Professor Mole is finally prepared to reveal the truth – how things really work.


Pirate Treasure Hunt
Published by Tango Books (2004)
Follow Bones the dog and Stripes the cat as they set off in search of pirate gold. Use the map to find the way as you brave shark-invested waters, giant apes in the jungle and a pirate ambush in the lost city. Action-packed, 3-dimensional fun with a gold coin at the end.


Spooky Ride
Tango Books (2001)
All aboard the Spooky Ride, a three dimensional, pop-up ghost-train with lots of holes to go through and plenty of flaps to lift – if you dare!!!


Ten on a Train
Published by Frances Lincoln
1995 and 1996 (hardback) reprinted 2007
Badger takes his animal friends on a train ride, but after a series of mishaps, their numbers become depleted as one minor diseaster after another befalls them. A die-cut book for young children that teaches counting and animal recognition.


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